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getPlus® software helps companies sell digital goods and services globally as taxation changes loom

Smart download manager simplifies accounting process and guarantees value flow across different VAT regions as electronic software delivery becomes more red-taped

LONDON, November 27, 2019 – London based company NOS Microsystems guarantees value flow and simplified taxation processes for the global electronic software delivery (ESD) of goods and services with its client tool and backend service, getPlus.

Companies providing digital services or goods are likely to be currently preoccupied with upcoming international changes that could result in an accounting minefield. The need to ensure value flow in the changing digital transfer landscape is paramount.

The transfer manager getPlus from NOS Microsystems offers support by guaranteeing value flow across jurisdictions. getPlus knows where the point of sale is taking place and delivers the software from servers in the client’s country. This gives companies proof of sale and makes taxation and accounting easier.

CEO of NOS Microsystems explained: “The landscape of sending digital goods is changing and companies cannot even properly prepare because the details are still unknown. It is a worrying time for a lot of businesses in this sector. People are concerned that sending digital goods is going to become more complicated that selling physical products. The getPlus ecosystem offers relief there.”

Delivering electronic goods and services is subject to different taxation laws in different countries. Therefore internal refunds and calculations of VAT can become difficult and costly. It will become more complicated next year when the EU’s Anti Tax Avoidance Directive comes into force. This directive will affect companies in the EU, and those doing business with companies in the EU.

The getPlus environment includes the client tool, download manager and electronic software delivery tool. It is lightweight at just 200kB (<0.5MB) on the client side, so small that it does not even require installation, but it packs an incredible punch. It fully and easily integrates into clients’ existing databases—SAP, Oracle, any all others—to establish ESD or enhance the ratio of existing ESD with easy, self-service access to software updates.

getPlus is a sophisticated tool that performs like no other technology on the market, having been developed by experts in data security and solutions for delivery and transfer management. It already services over one billion downloads annually for clients around the world across several industries, including for Rockwell Automation, Siemens and Nokia.

“It is the smallest, fastest and most user-friendly transfer manager available and it allows providers to securely distribute any kind of digital content to clients. No maintenance, upgrades or retention are required and getPlus works across all proxies and firewalls,” added Mr. Wessling.

Features and benefits of getPlus ecosystem:

Fully integrated:

getPlus does all the work on both client and customer side. Can build entirely new system or upgrade existing environment including advanced customer dependencies and entitlements detection.

No extra staffing needed:

No manpower required from automation provider. Low implementation and maintenance costs with full front-end and back-end support by NOS Microsystems.

Cuts costs:

Eliminate cost of physical delivery of software. Greener and more cost effective. Reduce support costs thanks to increased user convenience and automatic handling of proxies and firewalls.

SAP, Oracle and cloud compatible:

getPlus works seamlessly with all database systems, existing delivery system or cloud service.

Secured communication:

Developed by cybersecurity and electronic download experts. Establishes a TLS-connection. Proof of delivery following download.

Guaranteed download:

Thanks to the smallest and smartest data transfer tool within getPlus’, users can install and launch software sooner. Even in areas of low bandwidth.

Increases revenue:

Tracks downloads and maintenance expirations to promote additional solutions and increase sales.

About NOS Microsystems

Founded in 2001, NOS Microsystems Ltd. specializes in electronic software distribution. It is a market leader in download management technology, large data, cloud transfers and software compression, and services over one billion digital transfers annually for clients. The secure, reliable solutions are customized for each client.