The missing link in the supply chain

The missing link to your production chain

Electronic software delivery for the industrial automation industry

Securely servicing over one billion digital transfers in 80 countries annually

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What is get®Plus?

getPlus is a sophisticated electronic software delivery (ESD) ecosystem that performs like no other tool on the market. It bridges the gap between automation provider and end user by seamlessly integrating into the industrial automation providers’ licensing structures and databases—SAP, Oracle, and all others—to manage and deliver entitled and required software updates to their clients. For the end user, it monitors the status of machines so exact updates, and incompatibility issues are identified. This user-friendly and cost-effective tool helps factories make the transition to industry 4.0. It derails customs and border issues to deliver software online to clients anywhere in the world guaranteeing value flow and simplifying taxation processes. getPlus is a quicker, smarter, greener, safer, and more cost effective solution for software distribution. getPlus tracks downloads and maintenance expirations, and offers a unique interface where providers can promote additional solutions and increase sales.

Why get®Plus?

Because providing customer service and satisfaction, whilst driving down cost and increasing revenue is the ultimate goal of any business. getPlus aids this goal by providing the most convenient production-line maintenance available through guaranteeing safe online delivery of entitled software and updates to clients no matter when and where they need it. Moreover, it provides proof of delivery and guarantees value flow, complying with taxation legislation like upcoming EU's ATAD. Quick and secure updates support security, performance, and the overall lifespan of production machines.


At only 320kb, it is the smallest, fastest and most user-friendly transfer manager available


Works across all firewalls and proxies to transfer files with state-of-the-art security


Simplifies taxation process and guarantees value flow across different VAT regions
Supports your customers with:
Speed to market

Speed to market

Instant software updates save time and manpower.
Lifecycle management

Lifecycle management

getPlus knows the status of machines and when software is no longer compatible.
Keeping up with demand

Keeping up with demand

System maintenance made easier so clients can concentrate on supply demands.
Optimizing operations

Optimizing operations

Reduce cost and complexity of manual operation by automating software distribution, from purchase to activation and delivery.
Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance

Business insight gained from getPlus integrated reporting on purchasing cycle.
Preparing workforce

Maximizing profitability

Customer experience and resource optimization thanks to user-friendly tool, and full customer support by getPlus on both client and user side.

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Coding automation can combat recalls

In many industries such as food, drugs and medical devices, recalls largely come down to human error in labeling and coding. Adding coding and labeling to the automation process can reduce the risk of this even though adding this step into existing production lines and industrial networks is considered complex and expensive.

Factories of the future: The honesty behind the hype

Terms like ‘factories of the future’, ‘industry 4.0’ and ‘industrial internet of things’ are part of common vocabulary. So much so that people not working in the sector presume robots and AI are running factories. Those of us in the game know the hype does not match the reality. Machines are costly in the extreme and no one is going to throw out a 20-year-old robotic arm for a shiny new one that comes with a $250,000 price tag.

Are human really losing jobs in manufacturing?

Since the automation process began there has been the cry that machines will replace people on the factory floor, but what’s the reality of this? Warehouse robots are getting more sophisticated certainly, but they’re not capable of fixing themselves yet so there is still work for people on the shop floor.