The missing link in the supply chain

How it works

How it works

The dynamic get®Plus database seamlessly integrates into current license agreements and databases – SAP, Oracle, and all others.

The get®Plus database upgrades the current solution to a new smart database with superior functionality.

On the end user‘s screen

The process on the end users’ side is simple and intuitive.

They log on to the company website and select the content, updates and upgrades from the library of products.

When they hit the “download” or “next” button the smart getPlus database is triggered into action.

It selects the exact files needed to complete the demand. Intelligent pre-checks ensure software downloaded exactly matches user entitlements and dependencies.

Instant download

Instantly, getPlus bundles together the exact software needed to complete the command and a getPlus.exe file is created for download on the user’s interface.

The file is renamed with the unique SessionID. The SessionID is sent to the ServiceURL.

The ServiceURL tells the download manager where it can find the software.

The download definition file contains everything getPlus needs to know about the software package, size, language etc.

Direct customer interface

Upgrades are achieved with no physical delivery making it not only time efficient but also cost efficient.

By passes tax and customs issues.

Data gathered by getPlus, offers a targeted advertising platform which is presented after user download.

The getPlus software knows what other updates or products could benefit the user and it advertises these directly to them.