The missing link in the supply chain

Features and benefits


  • Fully integrated

    get®Plus does all the work on both client and customer side. Can build entirely new system or upgrade existing environment including advanced customer dependencies and entitlements detection.

  • Predictive maintenance & dynamic marketplace

    Checks system for software and offers updates if necessary. Helps ensure latest security patches are delivered to all customers letting clients act before a defect causes costly downtime. Directly display information or additional products relevant to the user for easy one click download.

  • Export control

    Intelligent eDelivery ecosystem that functions alongside French, US and many international customs regulations.

  • Optional big data analytics

    Valuable marketing tool that can collect comprehensive user-data to provide insights to maintain competitive edge, and improve production efficiency.

  • SAP, Oracle and Cloud compatible

    getPlus works seamlessly with all database systems, existing delivery system or cloud service.

  • Dependencies and requirements pre-check

    Informs users if other software is necessary before installing your software. Creates and distributes download packages specific to individual users. Automatically detects user requirements, identifying and downloading only necessary files resulting in smaller, faster downloads.

  • Automatic entitlement integration

    Works with unique product or license key for product unlocking or activation. Seamlessly syncs with client and provider’s licensing structure so only entitled software is delivered.

  • Secured communication

    Developed by cyber security and electronic download experts. Establishes a TLS-connection. Proof of delivery following download.

  • Proxy authentication

    Fully automated handling of proxy configuration and firewalls.

  • Software bundling

    Allows clients to pre-select several files via check-boxes and download in one easy transaction.

  • Demand detection

    Analyzes specifications to automatically select the appropriate download file. The most important files are downloaded first while less important files are downloaded at a later stage. This will enable your users to install and launch your software sooner as the additional files are downloaded subsequently in the background.

  • Smart installation

    Option to automatically execute any command after download, e.g. starting the installation. Starts installation process before all files are downloaded. Most important files downloaded first, less important files downloaded at a later stage. This enables users to install and launch your software sooner as the additional files are downloaded subsequently in the background.

  • Customizable

    Fully customizable graphical user interface for clients depending on needs.

  • No extra staffing needed

    No manpower required from automation provider. Low implementation and maintenance costs with full front-end and back-end support by NOS Microsystems.

  • Guaranteed download

    Thanks to the smallest and smartest data transfer tool within getPlus’, users can install and launch software sooner. Even in areas of low bandwidth.


  • Cuts costs

    Eliminate cost of physical delivery of software. Greener and more cost effective. Reduce support costs thanks to increased user convenience and automatic handling of proxies and firewalls.

  • Increases revenue

    Tracks downloads and maintenance expirations to promote additional solutions and increase sales.

  • Improve customer service

    Improve customer satisfaction with self-service software download, while maintaining high performance delivery for fast, secure and guaranteed download of all updates and patches.