Professional Transfer Management

The smallest, fastest, most reliable download manager on the market

Automatic handling of firewalls & proxies

Drive revenue by offering advanced targeted ads through a dynamic integrated marketplace

Get better results. getPlus+®

Fully customizable for your needs

Generate additional revenue with Virtual Bundling

Distribute software and digital content regardless of file size or environment

Smaller, faster and more user friendly downloads

Thanks to intelligent pre-checks and modular software packaging


getPlus+® is our most popular transfer manager and a sophisticated tool for the efficient distribution of all digital goods on all platforms and operating systems.

getPlus+® offers expertise in data security and logistical solutions for all your professional delivery and transfer management needs. At only 320kb, the smallest, fastest and most user-friendly transfer manager available and it allows you to securely distribute any kind of digital content. Regardless if you are sending software to your customers, distributing content in an industrial environment, viewing and sending medical files or exchanging music and video files, getPlus+® is the right solution for your specific needs. Whether it is downloading, uploading, updating or exchanging data, we can provide the best user experience with easy, fast and intelligent transfers.

getPlus+® is fully customizable, with each package tailored exactly to the needs of the client. No matter what size or industry, getPlus+® provides a personalized service to allow fast, secure downloads (via HTTPS) with automatic handling of proxies and firewalls.

With its intelligent pre-checks, getPlus+® can dynamically create and distribute download packages that are specific to each individual user. It automatically detects the user’s requirements, identifying and downloading only the necessary files. In context, this could reduce a 100MB file containing different drivers for different systems, to a 3MB file, specific to the user’s device, which is downloaded in seconds.

What’s more, getPlus+® allows simultaneous downloads that can be paused and resumed at any time. This, in addition to high speeds and high security, leads to less drop-outs, and a successful download rate of more than 99%.

However, getPlus+® doesn’t just provide an excellent user experience – it can also earn you money! Keep reading to find out how you can generate additional revenue using getPlus+®.

Monetize Downloads

and Targeted Marketing

Traditional banners and pop-ups are no longer effective due to saturation and consumer blind spots. In order to be successful, online product awareness needs to be targeted and adapted to the individual user.


getPlus+® enables you to run targeted marketing campaigns directly related to the users’ background and behavior. Communicate directly with your target audience while they are at their most responsive: during the download process. We enable you to monetize your traffic and downloads through a fully customizable and dynamic marketplace, intelligent automated pre-checks which determine the needs of the individual user, and the use of Virtual Bundling.

The dynamic marketplace is an intelligent HTML shopping window that allows you to directly interact with your users or advertise your latest products and updates to your customers.

The user can browse through related products, information and software during the download. Additional software can even be directly added to the download basket during the transfer. This opens up exciting new avenues to generate additional revenue for your company.

Modular software packaging

(based on the ability to determine what is already installed on end client side)

and only offer component of software package

that is actually needed by user

This fully customizable marketplace is HTML based, meaning it can be designed in accordance with your company’s needs, branding and corporate identity. There is endless potential, from offering downloads of third party software (e.g. search toolbars), displaying audiovisual adverts or rotating banners, or using our highly intelligent automated pre-checks to determine the best products to advertise to the individual user.

Automated Pre-Checks

Through intelligent back-reporting our software can analyze users and provide the following information:

• User hardware

• User software, installed products and product versions

• User demographics

• User interest


Intelligent Pre-checks

(read out user’s system information, hardware, software etc)

and offer content to them that is

complementary with their setup and what they are downloading

Using these intelligent pre-checks, companies could target video game trials to users with only the correct software requirements, offer warranty extensions to users who are approaching their warranty limit on their laptop, or for ultra specific cases such as companies wishing to target native English speakers living in California, using a latest generation Mac, who own a Digital SLR and who are interested in video and photo editing software.
Download security and user privacy are important to us. Therefore, all end user data that is detected during the download process is done only for the purpose of displaying relevant content to the end user and is not collected or stored. All is done anonymously and there is no link between the user’s personal information and the download process and the detected data. Therefore all privacy rights are fully respected.
Please feel free to get in touch with us in order to discuss your marketing goals, and how getPlus+® can provide the perfect experience for your users.

Take a look at our FAQs for more information.

Virtual Bundling

allows seamless downloading from multiple sources,

and can generate additional revenue through

third party bundling.

Virtual bundling allows seamless downloading from multiple sources, and can generate additional revenue through third party bundling.


Another great way to use getPlus+® to increase your revenue is through the use of Virtual or Third Party Software Bundling. This unique technology allows you to bundle any type of software packages or components with your primary download without incurring any costs.


Adding an extra package to your software download (e.g. an update, patch, or 3rd party application such as a toolbar) would normally require the creation of an update to be sent to existing clients and integrated into the installer package for new clients.

Conventional Release Method

With getPlus+® and its unique virtual bundling process, you can cut out the middle man and offer one sole download that works for all users. getPlus+® automatically gets the latest file version from each party and bundles it into one download. Forget all the time and energy spent testing update packages on multiple systems – achieve a faster, better result with getPlus+®.

Virtual Bundling - No extra testing, no extra costs

How it works

The latest version of getPlus+® Download Manager is available as an executable version, making it the best solution to distribute content independent of the user’s browser. It also does not require Administrator rights to install.

Once the user selects the downloadable content from your website and presses the Next or Download button, the getPlus+® installation dialog is shown at the bottom of the page (user clicks RUN).

In the background this creates a new dynamic database that contains a dynamic SessionID, time stamp etc for that particular download. The getPlus.exe is automatically renamed with the unique SessionID and a request for the dynamically created Download Definition File is sent to the ServiceURL/database. The file package is downloaded. While all this is happening, complementary products and services are offered for download, allowing the user to download and purchase additional content that is relevant to them, allowing you to make more money.

What is a transfer manager?

A transfer manager is a sophisticated tool to manage your digital logistics and electronic delivery needs. Our getPlus+® product range supports any kind of digital transfers. Whether it is downloading, uploading, updating or exchanging data, we can provide the best transfer experience for your users. All of our transfer managers are fully customizable and easy to implement.
All of our getPlus+® transfer managers come with pause & resume functionality to seamlessly resume any transfer from the point where it left off.

What makes your transfers managers special?

Our transfer managers are the smallest, fastest, most user-friendly and most reliable transfer managers in the market. It allows you to securely distribute any kind of digital content. Regardless if you are sending software to your customers, distributing content in an industrial environment, viewing and sending medical files or exchanging music and video files, we have the right solution for your specific needs.
In addition to standard pause & resume functionality, our transfer managers come with automatic handling of proxies and firewalls, a download basket for multiple parallel downloads, automated checksum and URL checks to ensure download integrity, intelligent pre-checks to ensure that only relevant content is offered to your customers and a fully customizable dynamic marketplace feature that generates additional downloads and customer purchases for your company.

My Content Delivery Network (CDN) provider offers a free download manager with their services. Why should I use yours?

Our transfer managers are not only the smallest and most reliable transfer managers in the market but they work on all platforms and for all users. If you want to ensure that all of your customers can download your software, you should use our products instead of the download managers offered by your CDN. Our transfer managers work fully automatic with just 1 click on the Download button. No client application is required to install the download manager. Our transfer managers not only allow you to easily reach your entire target audience but will also significantly reduce your download drop-out rates and increase download success rates. Furthermore, our transfer managers come with a fully customizable GUI and marketplace that allows you to directly communicate and interact with your clients during the download process. You can actively promote additional products during the download process and increase your sales and revenue significantly. Our clients report an average 15% increase in additional software sales and 5 – 8% in additional hardware sales thanks to the marketplace feature.

Can I offer several files for simultaneous download?

All getPlus+® products feature a download basket that enables several files to be downloaded simultaneously. Your user can browse your website and add additional items to the basket while transfers are already in progress. Each file can have individual transfer controls, i.e. pause, resume and cancel.

Can I have a say which file is downloaded and installed first?

Yes, you can define the download and installation sequence of any file.

Does getPlus+® run on all platforms and browsers?

Yes, our transfer managers work on all operating systems and platforms and are browser independent with automatic installation on end client an executable installer. They are easy to use for all users and do not require Administrator rights or a client side application to run or install.

Can I use your transfer managers to download files from other websites?

No, our transfer managers are specifically designed to securely manage the transfer of files and applications from your website only.
We do, however, offer a free transfer manager for non-commercial use in the cloud sector: get2Clouds®. get2Clouds® allows users to download, upload, exchange any files or sync digital content with their cloud accounts. For more information and to download a free copy of get2Clouds®, please see the get2Clouds® website.

Do your transfer managers support multiple languages?

Yes, our transfer managers support 36 languages including all major European languages as well as Chinese (traditional and simplified), Japanese, Korean, Arabic, and Hebrew.

What kind of file security is provided by NOS Microsystems?

We maintain the highest security standards. All transfers are verified by integrity checks (automated MD5 checksum tests during and after the download), referral/URL checks and are supported with incremental reloads of corrupted transfers. The transfer manager itself communicates with the server via HTTPS.

How can I get a product from the getPlus+® transfer manager product suite and what is included in the delivery package from NOS Microsystems?

Please contact our Solutions Team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule a call to discuss your particular digital distribution needs.
After obtaining a license for a getPlus+® transfer manager from NOS Microsystems, we will customize a getPlus+® Creator© tool for you. The delivery package from NOS Microsystems is delivered electronically, as a download from NOS Microsystems’ servers. The delivery package contains a turn-key getPlus+® Creator© GUI / command-line tool to create an individual getPlus® transfer manager at your facilities, as well as a language folder and detailed user manuals to create and integrate the transfer manager into your website.

Do I need to make major changes to my website to distribute my digital content with getPlus+®? Do I need to change the surrounding hardware or software?

No, getPlus+® can be easily integrated into your website or existing online store.
There is no need to change your surrounding hardware, software or architecture.

Can I use getPlus+® in combination with other services or any other servers?

Yes, getPlus+® can be seamlessly integrated within your current software architecture, services and servers. Using a transfer manager from the getPlus+® family does not only improve the user experience for your customers with automated download and installation processes but it also offers you multiple ways to generate additional revenue and monetize your downloads.

Is it possible to obtain a demo or trial version of your transfer managers?

NOS Microsystems’ solutions are customized in accordance to each customer’s unique digital distribution requirements. Due to this process we do not offer trial versions. However, to present our solutions and introduce major features and functionalities, we offer online demonstrations to potential clients. To schedule an online demonstration please contact our Solutions Team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

How much do your transfer managers cost?

The cost of our transfer managers depend on your specific transfer management needs. For further information, please read the How to Buy section on our website, or contact the Solutions Team: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..